Realy Easy Star is a Photo Agency and publishing house and was founded in 1992. It is specializes in photographs relating to the subject  Italy and mainly on art, architecture, villages, wildlife, flora and natural parks, but today the vast archive on ‘Italy has added a considerable archive of worldwide photos. Collaborate with photographers all over Italy and provides photographic material: Tourist Guides, School books, Photo Books, Magazines photojournalistic services that require travel, landscape, architecture, art, food and current events, advertising photography, Encyclopedias, Travel Catalogues, Posters, Calendars and much more. In collaboration with professional photographers organizes workshops and photo trips specifically dedicated to topics such as architectural photography, nature photography, actuality etc. These workshops are aimed at the broad audience of enthusiasts, from semi-professionist to the amateur, but also to the simply curious who approaches for the first time in training.

The types of workshops are:
-Classroom with photographer, including educational tours
-Workshop weekend with a photographer, in a location of your choice (Italy)
-Travel with photographer for several days at a location of your choice (Italy or Other Countries)